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The Countdown Is on for Sweet’s Syndrome Awareness Day!

February 26 will be the second annual Sweet’s Syndrome Awareness Day! Download images to share on your one Web sites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feed, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The more … Continue Reading →


Sweet’s syndrome – a comprehensive review of an acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis

In this article from NIH, Dr. Philip R. Cohen provides an overview of the following information on Sweet’s Syndrome: Disease name and synonyms Definition and diagnostic criteria Epidemiology Symptoms (see … Continue Reading →


Pediatrics and Pustular Dermatoses

This article reviews the conditions most likely associated with pustules. While acknowledging these conditions are rare, awareness promotes faster interpretation, which leads to adequate treatment. “A number of systemic inflammatory … Continue Reading →


Daily Scale Diary of Pain & Symptoms

This Excel spreadsheet has been created for anyone with chronic illness to quantify and track daily pain & symptoms levels. This should help patients and their provider(s) better understand their disease … Continue Reading →


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